Basic need of humans is shelter.To pay a path for very economical and beneficial methid for housing is constructed using GFRG panel,which is manufactured in large size and cut according to the customers preference.

GFRG-Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum panel GFRG is nothing but a building product containing gypsum plaster mixed with glass fibers,where in industry named as RAPID WALL.It was manufactured and established for alternative and eco-friendly manner in 1990. To establish and to create awareness among the people about GFRG IIT madras has constructed a building after a several researches.Now they are planning to extend a same building.They proved that it is climate and water resistance.

"Manufacture of GFRG panels from the raw material gypsum, viz., natural gypsum, mineral gypsum, phospho-gypsum or chemical gypsum, with purity more than 90 per cent, entails less energy in comparison to energy-intensive conventional building materials like, brick, concrete, etc.

Why GFRG better than normal building?

GFRG was first introduced in Australia in 1990 for the eco-friendly and quick way of construction for high buildings in traffic areas. We can save 30-40% of cost in GFRG than in normal method and the time saving is the most important to be noted.In normal method it will take 6 months in this it takes 30days to complete.According to our IIT research GFRG panel can withstand the fire of about 1000'c for four hours where as normal walls melts at same temperature. As well as in cooling system it will reduces about 4'c inside the room and the panel itself acts as the shear wall it can resist the earthquake. Their lifetime will be 80 years where as conventional building is 50 years.Strength of GFRG will be 5 times greater than the conventional method.

After you leave home, you may find yourself feeling homesick, even if you have a new home that has nicer wallpaper and a more efficient dishwasher than the home in which you grew up.

GFRG is primarily composed of two raw materials: high density alpha-based gypsum and glass fiber reinforcement. The gypsum plaster should be neutral or of low alkalinity to ensure its compatibility with "E" glass fibers. Additives commonly used within the plaster industry are acceptable provided they are used in accordance with the gypsum manufacturer's recommendations


GFRG is for use where it is not subject to dampness. (Do not use where it is openly exposed to rain or for fountains, pools or wet locations. For these applications see GFRP).GFRG can be used wherever a light, strong and fire retardant material is required (casinos, hotels, theaters, residential, etc.) Moldings, Ceilings, Columns, Light coves, Bas Relief, Domes, Capitals, Fireplace Surrounds, Medallions,

Pros of GFRG

  • Saving in consumption of Sand , water , steel & cement : Conserves natural resources and has minimal usage of cement and steel, there by reducing multiple inventories and requirement of space at site .
  • More carpet area : More utilization of space as 124 mm GFRG panel can be used ( both internal and external wall) in the masonry in place of 230 mm brick/ 200 mm concrete Block in .
  • Prefab and better quality product: Being factory made ensures consistency in quality of panel while supplied and used . Hence durability of the building is enhanced.
  • Resistant to Earthquakes & Fire: GFRG panels exhibits superior ductile properties and also permits the designer to reduce the mass of the structure, limiting the impact of accelerations caused during seismic disturbances. The fire resistance nature of the GFRG panel is an advantage against conventional walling material .
  • Water resistance : Permissible water absorption in GFRG is less than 5% as compared to 15-20% normally for other conventional walling material.
  • Time: Time saving potential in GFRG based system is more than 50% than any other conventional system because requirement of plastering is eliminated. The construction schedule also does not hamper much as requirement of cast- in-situ activity is minimum hence least interruption during bad weather condition .

Cons of GFRG

  • You do need some expertise in order to make a house using this technology. The handing, fixing and equipment requirement for these panels is fairly different from conventional style. Although it is not very difficult to learn the right techniques, it will eventually take time for becoming an industry trend.
  • The Panels are customized according to the design and drawings of your house when manufactured. Unfortunately, you can not make a lot of changes during fixing stage. Hence planning is important. Also the doors, windows and other openings are made by cutting through the panels, hence the planning for placing doors and windows also needs to be properly planned.
  • Due to the fact that panels are specifically made for a design and transported from factory, the price of each type of panel goes done significantly only when used on a large scale. Comparatively you can save upto 25–30% as compared to that of conventional building method and even more if used on large scale.